SNKAI or the National Seminar on Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation of HKI was first held in 2012. The implementation was at the Jakarta Convention Center, in collaboration with the Lab Indonesia. The largest lab equipment exhibition activity in Indonesia actually began in 2010, two years earlier, to be carried out every 2 years. The HKI Central Board gave a mandate to the Jakarta Branch HKI for its implementation, after the signing of the HKI collaboration and the Lab Indonesia. HKI-Jakarta, in the end, cooperated with institutions around Jakarta. In SNKAI-2012, its partners include the AKA Bogor, LIPI, UI, UIN Jakarta, and UNJ. Because the HKI Analytical and Instrumentation Chemistry Division was formed during SNKAI-2012, and its chairman, Prof. Dr Edison Munaf (late) was elected at SNKAI-2014, so the next seminar was decided to be the responsibility of this division in terms of science. The chair of the chosen division will coordinate with the Jakarta Branch HKI for the next seminar. After two implementations, SNKAI-2012 and SNKAI-2014, the seminar changed its name to Indonesian Conference on Chemical Analysis and Instrumentation (ICCAI), which remains in collaboration with Lab Indonesia.

In the initial stages of preparation for ICCAI-2016, Prof. Edison Munaf left us, so the implementation of ICCAI-2016 was also made as a tribute to him. During Asianalysis XIII in Bangkok, December 2016, Dr Akhmad Sabaruddin received a question from the International Advisory Board of Asianalysis XIII about the continuation of the plan for the next Asianalysis in Indonesia. Prof. Edison Munaf had previously agreed but failed to be contacted by the International Advisory Board Asianalysis. HKI undertakes to continue Prof.Dr. Edison Munaf’s (late) commitment as the host of Asianalysis XIV. To maintain the momentum of cooperation with Lab Indonesia, it was conveyed that HKI could only be carried out between 4-6 April 2018, together with the activities of Lab Indonesia, which was finally approved.

In ICCAI-2018, 5-6 April 2018, in accordance with the discussion at ICCAI-2016, the HKI of the West Java-Banten Branch was willing to join the organizers. Cooperation partner institutions have also increased with the joining of IPB. Based on the commitment to host Asianalysis XIV, ICCAI-2018 is referred to as “satellite activity” of Asianalysis XIV. For the coming years, Lab Indonesia and HKI continue to agree to continue cooperation. For the official agreement, the cooperation agreement must always be corrected every two years, which needs to be forwarded to the management of the following HKI. The HKI Analytical and Instrumentation Chemistry Division needs to play an important role on the scientific side of ICCAI, with the Jakarta Branch HKI and the West Java-Banten HKI, in collaboration with supporting institutions, will assist on the organizational and resource side. Specifically for ICCAI-2020, through a short talk on April 5, 2018, which was attended by Deputy Dean I of FMIPA IPB, and ICCAI supporting institutions, it was agreed that the head of the ICCAI-2020 committee would come from IPB, with the support of other institutions.